Totems  2014

On exhibition at MAS Attack Vegas, VAST Space Projects, Las Vegas.

Pill Bottles


Women have been hiding their alcohol and pills throughout history. Peddlers came through town in their horse and wagons selling elixir (aka booze) as an all-purpose remedy, alongside pots and pans and pretty ribbons. In the ‘60s, diet pills were speed, and could help one get the house clean before the husband came home. Sherry in the evening was sherry, but it was drunk in polite company and came in crystal glasses. Today, my husband and I take a combined 10 prescription pills a day. I have been saving the empty bottles and transforming them. My Pill Bottles are like fancy perfume bottles and would look much nicer on a bedroom table than a regular prescription bottle.
— Carla Danes

Bloomin' Coral 2010

Shown at “The Story of O” exhibition at the Ben Maltz Gallery at Otis College of Art and Design.


Betty Crocker DNA 2009 

A brightly colored multimedia installation which includes up to 100 small sculptures. Each piece is made from three or four objects around the home, hardware or dollar store. They have been glued together without elaboration to invoke feelings about decoration and sex from a very female, domestic point of view. 

At the Kruglak Gallery at Mira Costa College, in the group exhibition Doin' It, curated by Yoshimi Hayashi. Oceanside, CA, 2009.


Circus Coral 2008


Liquid wood putty, foam insulation spray paint, plastic net, hair clips, dish scrubbers, lampshade, jump ropes and Sonotube.

72 x 20 inches


Tabletop Jungle 2006


Aqua 2005 

Installed at Talento Arté Visual, Mexico City, 2005, a joint exhibition by Carla and Chris Danes and curated by Mercedes Gertz.  The memorabilia is an installation by Carla Danes, "Snapshots from the Refrigerator".